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Medical Facility

Medical Facility

Medical Rescue Ltd (MRL) are the market leaders in providing robust solutions to industries where medical provision is required. MRL will provide you with practical solutions for your company’s health and safety requirements. We have liaised with many companies to procure, build and in many cases, staff medical facilities for the use of treating patients during your high risks works. We pride ourselves in supplying the highest caliber of medics to undertake the treatment of your employees and contractors without the worry of employing additional permanent staff at major expense. Consider the possibility of an incident, whether it is traumatic or medical occurring on your scope of works. The law categorically states that the reliance on the statutory services is no longer acceptable as mitigation and that a pre-planned solution should be sort after.

Medical Rescue Medical Facility

Medical Facility

Our medics can undertake varied aspects of safety training and health & safety walk-downs, identifying risks hazards and unsafe working practices. In the event of an incident occurring to a critical member of the team, we can provide immediate treatment to national standards. In addition, if the patient requires follow-up treatment in a hospital setting, MRL Paramedics can refer the patient to a medical professional minimising the time spent in hospital awaiting treatment and a valuable resource when working to a tight schedule.

We estimate we have saved over 1000 work hours by being available to treat patients at their workplace and liaise with medical professionals off site to map out a care pathway. The result is simple, by providing the most appropriate care immediately and beginning the process for uninterrupted further treatment, you reduce the down time of skilled or critical workers who are vital to your success. Whilst planning your next high risk activity, whether it be for 1 day or 1 month, consider the above.

Many operational sites have first aid treatment facilities which may be a room or other allotted space, however in many cases these would be inadequately equipped and resourced to deal with a major trauma or medial emergency. In our experience, large sites benefit from a designated medical facility capable of providing a fully comprehensive care package ranging from routine management of aches pains and everyday ailments through to full trauma resuscitation. Having such a facility on site has proved invaluable to some of our clients in reducing lost time incidents and maintaining a health happy workforce.

Such a facility may not be required during routine operations however in circumstances during the outage or when workforce numbers of hazards increase significantly MRL can provide such a service. We provide fully mobile medical centres, full equipped with the latest medical care equipment to an exceptionally high standard. Our medical care facilities can be staffed with primary care trained paramedics or nurses capable of delivering a highly comprehensive range of routine and emergency care.

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