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Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Contract Safety Manager/Advisor, CDM Co-Ordination, Fire Safety Management, Facilities Management.

Medical Rescue Health & Safety

Contract Safety Manager/Advisor:

General Advice and Assistance - 'Competent Person'

Every employer is required to nominate a "Competent Person" to give advice on the most effective way of managing their health and safety responsibilities.

We can help in a variety of ways depending on the organisations activities and the level of health and safety knowledge and competency that already exists. In-house health and safety professionals are the ideal "competent persons" because they naturally possess a greater knowledge and experience of the business and its activities.

Many organisations choose to complement their in-house expertise by using external health and safety practitioners such as Medical Rescue Limited - with the additional benefits of shared learning in good practice and access to different resources, skill-sets and experience.

Health and Safety Essentials Check:

A "high-level" audit and inspection visit designed to help businesses better understand their essential health and safety responsibilities in relation to their work activities and hazards.

A full report outlines any shortfalls and priorities all recommended action.

Additional outline services:

Preparation and auditing of risk assessments and safety method statements

Site and workplace inspections and audits

Accident investigation and analysis

Permit-to-Work systems and procedures

Impartial safety award and commendation systems , near miss reporting, unsafe act/condition management and reporting therefore allowing central data collection and analysis to include reactive and proactive measures.

Workplace monitoring, noise, temperature light.

Waste monitoring, ensure compliance with waste management reduction and recycling schemes.

CDM Coordination:

Preparation of health and safety plan pre construction, + construction phase health and safety plan – ensuring competency and screening of contractors and sub contractors - to provide clients with a single source of advice, guidance and site-support to enable project teams to fully demonstrate compliance with the requirements of CDM 2015 for all construction activities, and our project life cycle approach is designed to ensure health and safety issues are identified and managed throughout the feasibility, design, tendering, construction and commissioning phases of a project.

Fire Safety Management:

Workplace fire risk assessment

Equipment inspection and in-situ weekly/monthly annual inspections

Facilities Management:

To coordinate on behalf of client with Principal contractor obligation in regard to welfare and facilities also to provide single point for management and coordination during outages and or long term of contractor temporary facilities to ensure legal compliance , due diligence and provide single source for rectification of faults and dilapidation's and to provide an effective central cost control).

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